Arca Capital Slovakia, a.s.

On 26 Aug. 2020 Arca Capital Slovakia, a.s. informed the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) about the existing Case of Failure to Fulfil Obligations pursuant to the provision of paragraph 8(a) of the Conditions concerning the non-payment of the Bond Yield 2020 and Nominal Value of Bonds within 14 calendar days of their maturity date.

The company further informed the NBS that the company Arca Capital Slovakia would convene a meeting of Bond holders without undue delay. A discussion on measures aimed at paying Bond Yields 2020 and the Nominal Value of Bonds would be on the agenda of the meeting.

The Arca Capital Slovakia company is currently taking steps to convene the meeting of Bond holders so that the time and place of the Bond holder meeting restrict the right of the Bond holders to participate in the meeting as little as possible (while taking into account generally binding restrictions owing to the spread of the dangerous COVID-19 infection).

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